The world is full of people who complain just about everything but do nothing. Yet they wonder how to become a self-made millionaire with no money. A lot is wrong about this mind-set. Let me tell you what exactly. You need to let go of blaming others for what you don’t have. And need to immediately start taking responsibility for anything that happens and doesn’t happen to you. It’s what all self-made millionaires are doing, and something you can’t just skip if you want to change. The transformation happens on the inside first. And this responsibility thing will make all the difference.

1. The Internet is full of inspiring self-made millionaire stories.
Most people, however, just don’t really read these and try to extract the lessons. Because if they did – if they set aside tens of hours to read biographies of great leaders and success stories of Fortune 500 companies – they’d see some important underlying principles of accumulating wealth. They would understand the steps to becoming wealthy, the way of thinking that requires, and what exactly can go wrong so they can avoid it on their journey. The information is out there. Most big publications have shared it with the world for free. All it takes it to create a site and start blogging to build an audience and monetize it. If you’re interested in starting your own blog, I created a FREE course that walks you through the steps.

2. To Become a Millionaire from Nothing, You Need to Be a Hustler.
He openly shares his journey and that’s why he has a huge following on all social media channels. His Daily Vee show on YouTube is all about what he does on a daily basis. Because he doesn’t actually have the time to just record and upload videos, or write on his blog daily, he just documents his journey. He shares his work culture, posts while at the airport, strategizes in the car on the way to a meeting, and is being recorded by his team while taking decisions or meeting with clients in the office. If you’re wondering how to become a millionaire from nothing, you’re on the wrong path, my friend. On a completely wrong path that won’t take you where you truly want to go. Because quick money isn’t sweet. And we’re all about the lifestyle here. It comes true hard work, dedication, years of sweat and mindset shifts, and patience.

3. Develop These Millionaire Success Habits
There are some millionaire success habits that will guarantee your progress. And I’m not saying you’ll be a millionaire by 30 solely by getting up earlier and starting an online business. No. But each behaviour described below, when combined with mindfulness and a long-term vision, is bringing you closer to that one big idea one day that will change the course of your life. All this is preparation. You’re preparing yourself for the responsibility. Because I’m convinced that if you wake up being a millionaire tomorrow morning, you simply won’t handle it. That’s why self-made millionaires who started from nothing are happy. Because they wanted it, earned it themselves, invested years to develop the mind-set to accept the hurdles and be okay with the stress in daily life, and can still live normally appreciating the little things.
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