When it comes to money, women actually have come a long way. But on average, women’s financial practices are still different from men’s. Change won’t happen overnight, but in the meantime women can still support and learn from each other.

I) Educate Yourself
Earlier plunging into strategies to build a solid financial foundation, carve out some time to learn about money management and investing. According to a 2020 assessment, women, on average, are less comfortable making retirement investment decisions, and they display lower levels of financial literacy compared to men. Just 32% of women with a bachelor’s degree are comfortable handling their own investments.
If individual are among those who don’t, she can begin to overcome some of her discomfort by educating herself. Read books and articles, and contact her financial institution or local non-profits to ask about free educational resources that may be available to her. She may also want to search on social media for relevant groups to join or people to follow to up her knowledge about personal finance.
If she get overwhelmed or confused while studying, she may want to ask a professional for help. It could be the difference between improving them financial health and continuing to struggle with building an emergency fund, managing her debts, saving for retirement, or reaching goals she have.

II) Preparing a monthly Budget
Every good financial plan starts with a budget. Work back and calculate how much they need for bills, groceries, school fees, rent, and other expenses. Add a small various amount to this. Generate a monthly expense sheet and set it in stone. Allocate the rest of her money for an emergency fund, travel fund, savings, etc. depending on your needs.
Plan expenses for an assumed period and monitor if she have spent more than they initially planned. At the end of the month, make the required adjustments to optimize it; daily follow-up can aid her save up to 15%.

III) Manage own Money
It may appear slightly monotonous, but learn to achieve their own money. It may appear natural to pass on money decisions to one’s father or brother or husband, particularly in Indian society. Do not do this. There are resources online where she can learn the basics of money management. Do not give up power to anyone else. She can definitely consult family members, but make her own decisions and retain a separate bank account.

IV) Set Financial Goals
When women set goals for every area of her finances, she give herself concrete targets to work toward. This exercise also offers her with a starting point, and she can flesh out the essential steps to make her goals an actuality. When setting financial goals, think about what excites her, and then set realistic targets that will motivate her to keep going if the road gets a bit rocky.

V) Build an Emergency Fund
Now that she have a financial plan, it’s a good idea to build an emergency fund to cover any unanticipated expenses. Experts frequently endorse having at least 3 months’ of living costs tucked away in a saving accounts. If they don’t have anything saved, now could be a great time to start. If she can’t have enough money to save large lump sums, that’s fine. Setting small amounts every month could aid her build a decent pot of cash. And if she think they may forget and miss a payment, just systematise the process by setting up a standing order or Direct Debit. This will aid her build their emergency fund without her realising it.

VI) Make a plan to repay Debt
This is essential if she want to be debt-free. Whether it is a home loan, car loan, or business loan, figure out how she can repay it at the first. She can set sidewise an amount every month in addition to the EMIs she pay.

VII) Consider Investing Money
Saving money is a practical thing to do, but it may not continuously be the most appropriate option when it comes to building wealth over the long-term as the value of her savings could be pretentious by inflation. We talk about inflation when the cost of goods and services rise over time. Things get more luxurious and if her income doesn’t grow as fast as inflation, she will be losing some purchasing power.

VIII) Savings for Family vs. Needs
Constantly save emergency funds so that she do not need to dig into long term investments for emergencies as the opportunity cost for early term withdrawal is very high. Saving is something which is a value to be instructed in all youths even before they start earning as this is what teaches them the concept of ‘Value of money’, so that the millennia’s also start thinking about saving.

IX) Make a Retirement Plan
Capitalise in a plan that will take care of all her needs. Do not rely on anyone – no, not even her children. It’s great if they aid, but build a safety net if they don’t. Do not give away her home or valuable belongings to her kids just yet; she can always leave it to them in her will. Capitalise in a monthly income plan and build an amount for her retirement phase. This will ensure her have an income every month, say 40 years from now, and will be economically independent.
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