Women now make up for an important portion of the total workforce in India, and the numbers continue to increase. This makes term insurance a need for women too. Gone are the days when only the men were considered as the breadwinners of the family. A growing number of women now work and considerably contribute to household expenditures. This makes financial protection a must for women too. One of the best methods to provide financial protection to the family even when individual are not around anymore, is through a term insurance plan for women. Here are some reasons why every woman, containing homemakers should consider this policy:

1. Assistance with Repaying Loans
Many of the couples now go for joint loans as it assistances them improve their loan eligibility. If women have taken one such loan along with their husband, he will be alone responsible for repaying the same after her demise. But with the aid of a term plan for women, she can make sure that she are still able to contribute to loan repayments even when she are no more. This can be very cooperative in situation of Home Loans or Car Loans where the loan provider has the right to take possession of the buying in case of evasions.

2. Improved Financial Security for the Family
The rising trend of nuclear families means that most of the families now include of a husband, wife and their children with both the parents working. In circumstance of individual sudden demise, the financial responsibilities of their husband would increase considerably. With term insurance plans for working women, their family can receive the insurance coverage which can be used by their husband to manage the added responsibilities. This will safeguard that their husband receives the much-needed financial support even in women absence.

3. Protection against Critical Illnesses
Even if women are a homemaker, a term plan is still essential for them. Homemakers who do not earn can also buying term insurance for all the welfares listed in this post. Furthermore, one important benefit of such policies is the protection against critical illnesses. Some of the top insurance providers now offer this facility at an additional premium. With this feature, the insurance provider will pay a lump sum payment to the policyholder in case she is diagnosed with conditions such as cancer or heart attack. Regardless of whether she are a housewife or working women, this benefit can protect her family from high medical expenditures that such critical illnesses usually come with.

4. Financial Security of Kids
While individual and their partner might previously have plans for their child’s future and have started saving for the same, things can get very challenging for their husband once they are no more. Term insurance plans now come with manifold pay-out options such as lump sum, income, growing income and lump sum plus income to aid individual make sure that all their dreams with regards to their child’s future are fulfilled even after their death.

5. Disability Support
No matter if women are a housewife who spends most of her day at home or a working woman who effectively manages the home as well as work, accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Several such accidents could also result in permanent and total disability. Some of the woman insurance plans now pay the insurance premiums on her behalf if she suffer from such a damage. This will ensure that she continue getting the welfares of the policy without paying the premiums.

6. Women and Term Insurance Plan
As we can see, numerous reasons make term insurance a must for women too. With more and more women now working, having a term insurance plan is one of the most reasonable ways to offer financial security to the family in case of her demise. Even for homemakers, the plans come with many welfares.
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